Earn Your Hardhat


You have chosen to attend the greatest engineering universities in Canada. Are you ready for your first week?
Check out the theme video for this year's Orientation Week!


What is Engineering Orientation Week?

Engineering Orientation is a time to be introduced to the Faculty of Engineering and learn about all it has to offer. From meeting new friends and learning about campus to building wild engineering contraptions - Engineering OWeek is a time to grow, learn, and become a part of the UWaterloo community!

When is Fall 2022 Engineering Orientation taking place?

Engineering Orientation will be taking place from September 3rd to 11th.

Will there be any in-person components during 2022 Engineering Orientation?

Yes, 2022 Engineering Orientation is fully in-person.

What kind of events can I expect to see?

There will be a large variety of events from earning your hard hat, to challenging your engineering thinking, to an online concert, to exploring campus in Minecraft and even flexing your social media muscles. There will be a wide variety of programming available for all interests to contribute to their teams success! Stay tuned for our schedule release.

Will I be in a group?

Yes! You will be in one of 18 colour groups. These groups will be made up of people in your program (including leaders) and stream as well as other programs!

*These groups are not your Waterloo Ready groups, and are made by Eng O-Team

How do I get a copy of the schedule of the week or a description of the events?

Once you are registered for orientation on Portal, you can see the Orientation Schedule here or by signing into this website with your Waterloo credentials.

What if I want information on my colour group?

Check your team’s instagram page once you login.

Is attendance mandatory at all events?

No, but you totally should go to them. Orientation week is a great way to make new friends and have tons of fun.

If I have a question about Orientation Week, who can I ask?

You can always message your questions to your colour groups Instagram page and your leaders would be happy to answer them. You can also check out any of our social media pages where leaders will always be available to answer questions. Lastly feel free to reach out to Engineering O-Team or cross campus orientation at engoteam@uwaterloo.ca.