Earn Your Hardhat


You have chosen to attend one of the greatest engineering universities in Canada. Are you ready for your first week?
Check out the theme video for this year's Orientation Week!


What is Engineering Orientation Week?

Engineering Orientation is a time to be introduced to the Faculty of Engineering and all it has to offer. Throughout the week, 18 teams will battle it out in various engineering challenges. Login to find out which colour team you are on!

What is the purpose of Engineering Orientation Week?

The purpose of Engineering Orientation Week is to be introduced to the faculty, meet fellow first years and upper years, discover all the services and support systems that are available, and to start making Waterloo Engineering your new home!

How do I get a copy of the schedule of the week or a description of the events?

See the Orientation Schedule
Here's a sneak peek at some of the events:

Meet the Dean:
Get to know your dean! Start your year off right with plenty of great information for your university career.
Department Hangouts:
A sit-down event where students are split up by department and talk to upper year leaders in the same department.
Meet your Engineering Society:
Learn about our engineering student society and meet a very important guest.
Earn Your Hard Hat:
Tackle challenges with your team to earn your coveted hardhat and prove that you have what it takes to be a Waterloo Engineer!
Aerial Photo:
Say cheese! Take a gigantic group photo with all your classmates and set a world record!
Junkyard Wars:
Engineer the heck out of old junk and use those hands to make something AWESOME.
Student Teams Showcase:
All student design teams and engineering student groups on campus are set up in an area where they can showcase what they do and what they have to offer to engineering students.
Scavenger Hunt:
Scour around campus to look for acquisition items and participate in fun mini-games with your team!
Warrior Pride:
Bouncy castles, dunk tanks, cotton candy, charity headshave and everything Waterloo!
EngSoc Day:
To conclude the week, come out and play games with EngSoc while we announce who has won the week and the winners of our Engineering Orientation first year awards!